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Intro to Church of Christ (Temple Lot) Part 1 of 7

I think very few people are aware of a small Mormon group sometimes called the Hedrickites.  Their official name is the Church of Christ, and they were the first Mormon group to return to Missouri and purchased part of the original temple lot where Joseph Smith had a revelation that 24 temples would be built there.  Why don’t we know more about this group?  Jean Addams is a former president of the John Whitmer Association, and will tell about his family connection to Granville and John Hedrick.

Jean:  My wife is a Hedrick. She said she had never told that to anybody because it had some connotations that weren’t what she wanted to convey when she was a conver,t herself, at 14 in Los Angeles.

GT:  Oh, really? I don’t think very many people know who Granville Hedrick was.

Jean:  No.

GT:  That’s interesting that she was kind of hiding that.

Jean:  After she had been baptized, her mother sat down and told her about her Mormon history.

GT:  No way.

Jean:  Yeah. She didn’t want to tell anybody about that. When she told me about that. I got quite excited.   She said, “You know about the Hedrickites?” And I said, “I know a little,” and I says, “I guess we’re going to go find out a lot. So let’s start with your dad’s name or your your ancestor’s name. Granville Hedrick was my great-great-uncle. His brother was John. John Hedrick is the first Saint of any sect that came back to Jackson County in 1865 and scouted out the place for the movement of the whole Crow Creek branch out of Illinois in1867. He then started buying up the temple lot property that same year in 1870.

GT: So, it was John Hedrick, not Granville.

Jean:  That is correct. Oh, I did not know that either. Wow, that’s interesting.

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Jean Addams tells how his family is related to Granville Hedrick. He is the founder of a sect that currently holds the Temple Lot in Independence, Missouri.

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*Arguing Against a Genderless God (Part 8 of 8)

Dr. Margaret Toscano has been studying Mormon history for 4 decades!  We will discuss her journey in and out (but still kind of in) the LDS Church and her writings that got her in hot water with LDS Leaders.  We’ll discuss her time as both a student and adjunct at BYU, her excommunication, and her continued belief that Joseph Smith intended Relief Society to be a priesthood quorum.  I even learned something from Margaret about how priesthood is tied to the temple endowment.  You won’t want to miss this conversation!  Subscribe to our free newsletter to hear the conclusion:


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Turning the Key to a Relief Society Quorum? (Part 7 of 8)

Dr. Margaret Toscano describes an answer to prayer, in which she found historical records describing Joseph Smith starting the Relief Society and organizing the women as a quorum of priestesses.  She describes how Joseph Smith’s theology of priesthood are larger than we have today.  We also discuss the Community of Christ revelation in 1984 in which women were ordained, just like the men.  Is that what Joseph Smith had in mind?

GT:  Do you think that Joseph would have advocated for women to be ordained as a Priest, Teacher, Deacon, Elder, Apostle, Bishop? Is that what his plan was?

Margaret:  I mean, who knows? I think that his theology justifies that.  I want to go back to the Relief Society. So in those speeches in Nauvoo, he told the women that he wanted the Relief Society organized according to the order of the ancient priesthood, and that their organization was a priesthood organization, they were essential for the church being in the right order. The church could not be in the right order without the Relief Society as a priesthood organization. I think he says that clearly. I mean, you can always argue whether it’s clear or not. But that’s my interpretation.

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Dr. Margaret Toscano believes Joseph Smith organized the Relief Society as a priesthood quorum.

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